Martin Residence, Lynchburg, VA – Farm Move

Wolfe House & Building Movers
10 Birch Lane
Bernville, PA  19506

Attn:  Mark Buckingham


Moving a house is no small feat; moving a 4,800 square-foot house, 3600 square-foot barn, 1,800 square-foot guest house and 600 square-foot garage is quite a different story.

Faced with a project of this magnitude, I carefully researched the internet and sought referrals from family and friends. Originally from Pennsylvania, I heard about your company from relatives living in the area. Six moving companies surveyed the project with varying backgrounds and experience levels. Your reputation for quality workmanship, state of the art moving equipment, knowledge of relocating structures and solid work ethics made my decision an easy one.

From our initial meeting, I knew I could trust Wolfe House & Building Movers with my project. Your quote, ideas, input and strategies for relocating all of these structures exceeded my expectations.

Your team arrived on the site and immediately took charge dismantling the existing structures. I was amazed as I watched the crews demo and raise the buildings in preparation for the move. You quickly identified any obstacles or changes to the terrain that would be required for a smooth relocation.

The relocation site was one mile from the original property. The 4,800 square foot house included an addition that would be split from the house for the move, which required precise placement in order to reconnect the house. Your workers maneuvered across a field entering through a cul-de-sac in an existing neighborhood. Making careful adjustments along the way, your team ensured a safe placement.

While the Lynchburg community looked on in awe, our local TV station covered the story live. The excitement that filled the air was one that I will never forget. Thanks to Wolfe House & Building Movers, we had a successful relocation and greatly enjoyed developing a relationship with your company. We would highly recommend your firm to anyone without any reservation. Thanks again for helping make our dreams come true.


Jay & Janet Martin