Smithfield Twp, E. Stroudsburg, PA – Log Cabin Move

March 1, 2005

Mark Buckingham
10 Birch Lane
Bernville, PA 19506

Dear Mark:

I’m pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for you and your crew and your company, Wolfe House Movers.

I have never before been involved in a project such as the one we completed in July, 2004. The George Yeisley log cabin, a one and one-half story structure built in 1795 and the oldest building still standing in the township, was about to be demolished by its owner. After several discussions, the owner agreed to donate the cabin to the township with the provision that it be moved from its original location to our township park approximately three miles away.

It was also decided that to maintain the cabin’s historic integrity and unique characteristics, it was better to move it intact rather than disassemble it to be reconstructed at the new site.  A construction company specializing in historic preservation removed the roof and chimney and got the cabin ready to be moved.

On July 30, 2004 you and your crew (Jamin Buckingham, Nathan Buckingham, Nevin Buckingham, Teddy Bogdan, Andrew Heck) expertly loaded the cabin complete with its massive stone fireplace onto your mechanical “dollies” and rolled this piece of history down Route 209, one of the busiest thoroughfares in Monroe County, to its new home.

Making the turn onto the township road that leads to the park was a big concern. With your skill and knowledge and the teamwork of your hardworking crew, however, the turn was accomplished without incident. Your experience paid off again when we reached the temporary road constructed to bypass a very narrow section of the township road, and the cabin proceeded on to the park where it arrived in perfect condition.

I would recommend Wolfe House Movers to anyone interested in moving any type of building. To any municipality, state agency, or individual interested in moving an historic structure in order to preserve it, however, I would say that you and your crew are highly qualified and would encourage them to hire you for their project.


Jacqueline Ocker
Township Secretary and Project Coordinator
Smithfield Township, Monroe County, PA


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